Who We Are


Based out of Miami, FL, PFC offers specialized services in credit consulting, real estate, income taxes and business creation, just to name a few. The firm was started by Rafael Rosario, a Florida native, graduate from the Florida International University, and FL realtor with Coldwell Banker that has grown to embrace a multi-faceted portfolio of services. Over the years, PFC has morphed from a credit repair company into an established financial consulting firm. Outfitted with the ultimate goal to provide optimal customer satisfaction, PFC seeks to provide in-depth insight into the financial decision at hand.

The firm is particularly proud of their specialized financial team dedicated solely to the industries of real estate and credit consulting. Equipped with vigorous research and extensive market knowledge, the team seeks to advise their clients of the best course of action, aiming to provide reliable forecasts.

From beginning to end, PFC is dedicated to ensure customer satisfaction. No matter the situation, PFC administers the support and assistance necessary to get the job done, with assets secured, clients reassured and progress made daily!

Leading You Every Step Of the Way

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