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Identity Theft

Let us help you turn around a horrible experience and receive a fresh start. We offer what is known as “hands down the best help to get new credit after going through identity theft” and at the most affordable rates possible. All that is needed to start is a police report from your local police station, detailing the incident details and we will take care of the rest. Don’t let hackers and scammers stop you from living your dreams and reaching your goals. 

We also provide a few FREE services to further help you protect your identity from future theft. 

  • Credit Freeze across all 3 Credit Bureaus 
  • Enroll you in FREE credit monitoring services (Credit Karma & Experian)
  • Provide a memo from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to law enforcement to further protect your information 


In order to protect yourself and future accounts, we recommend the following tips: 

  • Use STRONG passwords on all your financial accounts
  • Mix up and CHANGE your passwords every few months
  • STAY AWAY from shady websites and links
  • NEVER give out your personal/sensitive information over the phone or email
  • REGULARLY check your credit reports for any changes
  • Keep fraud ALERTS anytime up to 7 years
  • LIMIT the number of credit cards on you at anytime to limit your exposure

How can I tell if I have gone through identity theft?

These signs are early indications that you may have gone through identity theft:

  1. You no longer get your household bills in the mail
  2. You are turned down for a loan or credit
  3. You are being billed for services or purchases you didn’t buy
  4. Financial accounts have transactions you are not familiar with
  5. Your tax return is rejected
  6. Pending Authorized or test charges appear on your statement, usually under $5.00

If you feel like you may have been a victim of identity theft, please give us a call and let us help you improve your situation.