Accounts Receiveable

Don’t let past due account go unnoticed. If your accounts are over 30 days due, let us help you!

consultancy firms

As credit repair specialist, we know the reasons why people default on paying their bills. We also know how to provided assistance to help them repay the debts owed to you.

cash flow
Economic and financial consulting

We gather enough information on the debtor so that they can be reported to the credit bureaus. As a result, your debt will be in line for collection if they are unable to pay you immediately.

In our experience, we have helped many business save money by avoiding new hires and having to provide training on how to collect debts. Result have shown that we are able to collect more on average, as trained specialists that systematically mange your overdue accounts. 

Accounts Receiveable | Prominent Financial Consultants
If you have problems

collecting money for your services, you won’t be in business for very long. Let us help with your Accounts Receivables as part of your financial consulting and bookkeeping services and you will see a marked improvement in your cash flow situation.

Customer credit

We can evaluate your customers’ creditworthiness to establish  credit limits.

Customer information

We can confirm client information in the case when collections are necessary.

Legally-binding contracts

We can help you write contracts that are clear and collectible.


We can organize your billing and generate customer statements so that your accounts receivables are paid on time and don’t turn into collections.

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