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Get your maximum tax refund. Guaranteed.

There are lots of ways to complete a tax return. At PFC, we find the one that gets you the most money possible, every year! It’s the difference between getting your taxes done, and getting your taxes won.

You learn a lot from offering tax services for over 15 years. As a financial firm with that much tax experience, we know how to deliver the best service possible. Whether you file your taxes with us online, in an office, or with our do-it-yourself kit, one thing is certain – we’re not happy until you are.

You get a lot when filing online with PFC. Including the most money possible.

You do your taxes online? But you want to be certain that you’ve found every credit and deduction you deserve. No problem. Now when you file taxes online with us, we have checkpoints throughout the process to see how you’re doing. If you need help or you’re second-guessing your work, have no fear, one of our reps will always be there. You have the option of having your return reviewed by a Tax Pro without having to visit an office. It’s called Best of Both. And it’s offered with PFC online tax preparation.

Stay Safe, by filing your taxes with Prominent Financial Consultants and avoid Tax Identity Theft!

So what exactly is Tax Identity Theft?

It happens when someone uses your personal info to file a fraudulent tax return. With Tax Care from PFC, we help you better protect your tax identity by helping you apply for additional safeguards with the IRS. And if you are a victim of tax identity theft, our restoration experts are here to help.


With Tax Identity Care, our experts help you apply for the additional safeguards provided by the IRS. Depending on your circumstance, the IRS may assign you an IP PIN or an Identity Theft Indicator. Both are layers of protection that proactively help to better protect you from becoming a victim of tax identity theft.


If you are a victim of tax identity theft when you purchase Tax Identity Care, our tax identity restoration experts are here to help. You’ll have a dedicated specialist assigned to your case to guide and support you in rightfully restoring your tax identity. Our support includes filing affidavits on your behalf, filing a police report, notifying other institutions you may have accounts with, and more. Bottom line? We’ll help you get your refund as fast as possible.

There’s a reason why Tax Care is so important.

Actually, There Are Billions.

In 2014 alone, the IRS stopped more than $15 billion of fraudulent tax refunds, including those related to tax identity theft*. That’s billion with a “b.” In 2016, the number of suspicious returns stopped by new fraud filters increased by more than 700,000 from the year before*. The point is simple. IRS identity theft is a real problem – and it’s getting worse every year. And the need to guard your IRS tax ID with tax identity protection services has never been greater.

Getting your Max Refund is up to us.

How you receive and pay for it, that’s up to you. Working with PFC means having a partner that works with you. We have tax refund options that allow you to choose how you get your money. And when the time comes to pay for your tax services, we have options for that as well.

Is it here yet? …How about now?

We know. When it comes to tax refunds, waiting is the hardest part. Fortunately, we make it easy to check the status of yours.

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Options For Paying The IRS if you owe taxes

Credit cards, debit cards, direct debits, installment plans — there are a variety of ways to pay the IRS should you owe taxes this year. Remember, it’s important to pay the IRS by the April 18 deadline to avoid interest and penalties.